Children's Italian Classes

‘Studio Italiano bambini’ provides a stimulating, fun learning environment for children, where they will learn to speak Italian organically, through play.

Classes, for children from 3 - 11 years, will be held at Middle Park on Saturday mornings. Classes are capped at 6 students, so that children receive high quality, impactful teaching. We will also be introducing more classes as the year progresses.

Our programs are designed to target ALL learning styles. Children will participate in a wide range of activities (age relevant) to promote their learning. Activities include chanting, singing, movement, clapping, drawing, floor games, puppets and props, speaking, listening, reading and writing, roleplaying and craft. Italian art, culture, history and geography are incorporated into the program.

Franca Butera Crea is a very passionate, motivated teacher who has been teaching children, from 3 year old right through to secondary school, throughout Melbourne for 30+ years. She is fully qualified, accredited and experienced and always achieves excellent results. An Italian teacher in Albert Park, Middle Park, Port Melbourne and South Melbourne Primary schools, Franca also taught at St Kilda Park Primary School.

We aim to provide a high quality program by creating a stimulating and relaxed learning environment where children can learn to speak while having fun. We focus on building each child’s confidence, so that in turn he/she will begin to reproduce language. We achieve this by having 2 staff members per class, and capping our classes at 8 so we can reach every child.

Learning a language requires risk taking. At Studio Italiano bambini children are exposed to language which is re-cycled weekly so it becomes familiar. As confidence grows children will begin to reproduce word and expressions and the older children will focus on the skill of listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Franca Butera Crea is a member of the VIT- Registered body for teachers which ensures that teacher are up to date with their professional development, abreast with the latest trends and direction in education.

Studio Italiano Bambini programs are devised in accordance with ‘The Victorian Curriculum’ which are the standards and practices that all Victorian schools must follow. You can rest assured that the programs offered by Studio Italiano will support and strengthen the abilities of students who are supplementing their school studies.

We believe that all children learn differently. Our programs are designed to target ALL learning styles. We do this by employing a variety of methods and platform such as; singing, chanting, movement, games, drawing floor games, craft activities, acting, writing and reading (age suitable), drawing and creating.

Understanding how children learn has always been a very strong personal and professional interest for Franca. She has professional development in this field. Of particular interest to her are the principals of ‘Positive psychology’ where the focus is on strengths and virtues that enable individuals, to thrive. Franca’s teaching methodology uses the communicative approach, which means that it is a priority to have the children verbalising and, if age appropriate, speaking from very early on. She also implements ‘High impact teaching methods’ so that a variety of platforms are employed to ensure all learning styles are addressed.

Italian artists and art are also incorporated into this lively and engaging program. Children will learn language while also learning about - Michelangelo, DaVinci, Caravaggio, Modigliani, Archibald.

History and Geography are also incorporated into the program. Topics covered are - Ancient Rome and the Romans, Florence and the Renaissance (Lorenzo Di Medici), Italy’s shape and its regions.

Social - Bilingual children develop better communications skills and are more likely to empathise with others. Cultural - Bilingual children develop a strong sense of their cultural identity which can improve their mental health and establish a strong sense of self worth. Health - New studies show that bilingual people recover quicker from strokes and experience slower onset dementia. Brain function -The brainpower required to be a bilingual speaker improves the cognitive function linked to critical thinking and problem solving. Job opportunities - Bilingual people have a range of career opportunities not available to monolingual speakers.

Saturday Mornings
Middle Park Timetable

Age Range Saturday morning Class Name
3-5 year olds (drop off) 9.30 - 10.00am Botticelli
6-8 year olds 10.00 - 11.00am Caravaggio
9-11 year olds 11.00 - 12.00pm Michelangelo