All classes at Studio Italiano offer the following features:

• A lively program that encourages adults to speak Italian right from the very beginning
• Expert teachers who are native speakers and fully qualified

Remote classes for High School Students $70 for 45 minutes
Private Lessons via the Zoom platform 1 hour $95.00
Call (03) 9699 7487 to Book

Italian for Travellers

These fun classes incorporate essential communicative language structures, culture cuisine and other general information that will enhance your trip to Italy.

The classes are an intensive six week course designed for those intending to travel to Italy, but is also suitable for those wanting an introduction to the Italian language. Call us for dates.

Group Travellers – 6 weeks class duration 1h.30 - $255, 4 students or less 4 x 1.15 hour sessions. Includes all resources - GST Inclusive.

  • Introducing oneself
  • Titles and addressing people
  • Getting around - Transport inquiries
  • Reading a timetable
  • Accommodation inquiry
  • Asking about tours, departures
  • Shopping, asking prices, sizes etc
  • Numbers
  • Telling time
  • Buying tickets
  • Ordering drinks, snacks
  • Ordering in a restaurant
  • Directions
  • Intimate Italian
  • Discussing the weather
Week 1 • Introduction to Italy
• Titles & Formalities
• Greetings & Introductions
• Numbers – understanding prices
• Ordering at the bar
Week 2 • Asking for directions
• Asking where something is
• Shopping for food
Week 3 • Ordering at the restaurant
• Understanding the menu, asking about items and ordering
• Saying what you like and don’t
• Clothes shopping
Week 4 • At the train station – finding out train times and buying tickets
• Asking for information regarding public transport
Week 5 Checking in at reception • Making simple enquiries
Week 6 Putting it all together